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ACEI Futures Survey

The Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI) is a long-standing association that has played a major role in shaping the landscape of childhood education for over 100 years.

ACEI's goal is to offer cutting-edge information, resources, and quality events to educators and others who wish to support the education and development of children worldwide. We hope to ensure that all we do has a meaningful and direct impact on the lives of children. In order to accomplish this, we are examining our current programs and initiatives and considering new ways of organizing our association to deliver our message.

We would like to gather information that will inform ACEI's future and help us to become a more dynamic association. We welcome your ideas and feedback on ways that we can create a truly international community of the future dedicated to childhood education.

As you provide your comments, please keep in mind that ACEI is an international association. It must consider the needs of educators and children from many places.

Diane Whitehead, Executive Director

Please provide your suggestions and comments about ACEI's future. You may wish to consider the following questions in your response.

What type of programs or services could ACEI offer that would best help to support the effective education and healthy development of children worldwide?

How can ACEI become an organization of the future?

What types of resources, advocacy information, professional development trainings, or events should ACEI offer?

ACEI Futures Survey
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