Supporting Children and Those Who Care For and Educate Them

ACEI operates several funds to support our efforts and the efforts of others to ensure the optimal education, development, and well-being of children worldwide. We hope that all ACEI members will consider supporting child advocates and educators around the world by contributing to any of the following funds:

General Endowment Fund
This fund is comprised of all gifts and donations made to the association for general operating purposes.

Global Mission Fund
This fund is used to support and secure the international mission, and position, of the association. It can be applied towards activities and projects that expand ACEI's international network of members and enhance the global positioning of the association through international leadership.

International Development Fund
This fund is used to support ACEI's international development projects that impact childhood education and well-being.

Student Leadership and Scholarship
This fund is used to support students of education in areas of scholarship and leadership. Small grants are offered to selected students.

Program Development Fund
This fund is used to support the development of new ACEI programs, projects, and special initiatives.

If you wish to make a donation to honor a friend or a loved one, please write the person’s name and address on a short note when you send your check to ACEI. We will send them a thank you and let them know that you have donated to this project in their name.

Please send your contribution to ACEI Headquarters, 1101 16th St., N.W., Ste. 300, Washington, D.C. 20036. Make checks payable to ACEI, and write the name of the specific fund in the memo line of the check.