Global Action Resource Center

Global Action Resource Center

ACEI’s Global Action Resource Center offers information on issues that impact a child’s ability to not only participate in an education but, in many cases, to survive and thrive. As new information and resources are released on each Global Action Center topic, ACEI will add these to the page. We hope that you will visit these pages on occasion to explore current resources and information. These resources are intended to both prompt and promote action in support of ACEI’s strategic purposes and on the issues and goals ACEI has resolved to support:

  • To promote the inherent rights, education and well-being of all children in their home, school and community.
  • To work for desirable conditions, programs and practices for children from infancy through early adolescence.
  • To bring into active cooperation all individuals and groups concerned with children.
  • To focus the public’s attention on the rights and needs of children and the ways various programs must be adjusted to fit those rights and needs.

ADVOcacy into Action

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