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Gender Discrimination in Education

A recent survey publication from the Global Campaign for Education (GCE), "Gender Discrimination in Education: The Violation of Rights of Women and Girls," states that one in ten girls in primary school is unhappy being a girl (a figure that rises to one in five by the time they reach secondary school) and also faces more gender discrimination within the school system, starting as young as 7 years old. By contrast, less than 1 percent of boys in primary school and less than 3 percent of boys in secondary school felt unhappy being a boy. Some of the reasons for the girls' dissatisfaction were an increase in harassment, restrictions to freedom, and a lack of opportunities, compared to boys. Inequality affected adults, too; according to the survey, female teachers were four times more likely than male teachers to state that they had faced discrimination because of their gender.

This recent interim report underscores the importance of gender equality within education systems. All those involved in the education process of children need to stress the importance of equality so that all girls have the equal opportunity to feel safe and heard.

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