What We Do

We work through our three primary programs: Center for Education Diplomacy and Leadership, Global Schools First, and Innovation Exchange.

We work through our three primary programs:

Center for Education Diplomacy and Leadership

Education Diplomacy is the key to tackling complex issues affecting education and helps groups with different priorities to work together. Solving challenges related to inclusion, gender equality, and financing will need Education Diplomacy to move agendas forward through cooperation, coordination, and collaboration across sectors, stakeholders, and borders to overcome the challenges together.

Global Schools First

Childhood Education International’s Global Schools First (GSF) program provides a school assessment and recognition opportunity for primary schools committed to fostering critical competencies—skills and knowledge—that children need to be successful in today’s complex and increasingly interconnected world.

Innovation Exchange

Innovation Exchange focuses on new ideas and ways of thinking about children’s education to provide transformative solutions that meet the needs and challenges of our world. Innovation is about more than just technology, it includes emerging trends and ideas in curriculum approaches, assessment improvements, teaching strategies, education financing, school design, technology, education policies, school management and leadership, and professional development. Through our website and publications, we are connecting people and sharing innovative practices from around the globe.

Other Featured Programs:

International Code of Ethics for Educators

The ICoEE is the first code of ethics for educators that is global in nature and reflects universally accepted values and human rights.

Global Guidelines for the Education and Care of Young Children

An evidence-based instrument designed to help early childhood professionals systematically examine and improve the quality of their program services, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.