Why Global Schools First?

Preparing for Tomorrow's World

Inspired by the United Nation’s Global Education First Initiative, Global Schools First identifies primary level schools as a focal point for implementing global citizenship education. We provide support and guidance to schools as they meet the challenge of preparing students for tomorrow’s world. We believe in recognizing and celebrating your school’s achievements in global citizenship education.

Our Approach Is:


Global citizenship education is most effective when it goes beyond classroom teaching and learning and is incorporated into all aspects of a school.  Our approach guides you to consider all areas of school life.


Great work may be happening across the school but how do all the pieces fit together? The GSF program helps you assess your current programs to identify key strengths, areas for improvement, and improve communication among the staff.


You know your context and your students better than anyone; we don’t tell you what to do but assist you in evaluating what will work for you and your school.


School change driven by one individual is exhausting and unsustainable. The GSF program uses a school team working together to create the school you want.


The many aspects of global citizenship education can be challenging to understand and implement.  We break down the dimensions to help you consider how to move from abstract theory to concrete action.

Primary school specific:

Developmental stage matters. The GSF program is designed with primary-aged students in mind to focus on skills and values that are appropriate for them.

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